First Day of Classes

Today was my first day of graduate classes at Columbia. I haven’t been in a classroom in 7 years and I have to admit, it was exhilarating to be sitting around a small table and exchanging ideas and opinions with a group of people and with a professor to lead us.

With 7 years of life experience, I see how this has already enriched my learning in the classroom. I felt so giddy that I was uber conscious of my feelings. I felt like one of those “older” students, with always something to say and therefore always contributing to class, not afraid to sit next to the professor, and gets ahead in the readings! *ick* I know, just call me a nerd…go ahead. I always have been and am proud of my nerd status.

My classes are interesting: the first is Anthropology and the Philanthropic Project (which understands how the discipline of British and American anthropology was shaped due to funding from private foundations and governmental agencies) and the second is Black Revolts in the Modern World (which historically examines black social movements throughout the world to combat slavery, sexism, civil rights, etc. and how radical black intelligentsia is formed).

Okay, enough anthropological babbling…more to come! Thanks for reading!


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