The Laptop Arrives

Yes, I am a returning to the world of high tech…and it feels dang good to be typing away on a laptop with a wireless connection! I never knew it could be so easy. I mean, all I do is click on this little bubble that my computer automatically pops up when I’m in my apartment because the smart little thing senses a wireless network. And then *bing* I’m online. Aaahhhhh! No cords, just me and the laptop and most likely a cuppa tea sitting right next to me.

Goodbye big desktop computer with the huge honkin’ monitor! Helloooo sleek, silver baby! It just makes want to go to Starbucks and be one of the tens of millions sitting at a little round table with their laptop and mocha frappuccino, typing away!


One response to “The Laptop Arrives

  1. hehe, welcome back to the cyberworld! In my case, besides my desktop in my room, I have 2 laptops – one I used in my class presentations or when giving a talk or retreat; the other I use in my administrative office as assistant tresurer of the university and as regent of the faculty of engineering. The first I can take wherever I want to, the other only use it inside the university as per memo of the rector to all admin personnel. This year we are embarking on having a university-wide wi-fi network. At present all rooms in our convent including the guestrooms have a LAN connection, and all classrooms of every faculty and college in UST are multimedia rooms with aircon. So, enjoy your laptop and fill your blog with lots of info. Your readers are waiting, heheh…. God bless….

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