Almost there…the big 2-9!!!!

Happy Birthday to me. It’s the last year of living in my 20s.

Overall, I feel very good and I am happy about turning 29. No major crisis, no freak-outs. I am at peace with my wonderful age and the wisdom I have acquired thus far in life. Looking back on the eve of a new decade, I thankfully, have no regrets. I have taken incredible risks that reaped amazing rewards.

I’ve learned that:

  • Life is a gift. Remain open in mind and spirit because life is full of surprises and every challenge may be seen as an opportunity.
  • The journeys in life are more important than reaching the intended destinations.
  • Seeking out mentors who can act as guides and role models are necessary for success.
  • Happiness is not a goal, it’s an attitude.

My birthday was full of love — so many people called or emailed or sent birthday greetings. I felt so loved by everyone. Two colleagues bought me tulips and MoJo surprised me by stopping by in the late morning to drop off a calla lily plant (calla lilies are my favorite flowers!). He told me that he had no idea what a calla lily looked like so he had to look it up online. In spite of his lack of knowledge, he cheerfully said, “See, I listen!” He decided to buy me a plant so that it would last longer than just the flower — so practical is he! I felt like the luckiest girl in the planet!

My co-workers took me out to lunch and then in the evening, MoJo took me to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, The Blue Water Grill. There, I indulged in half a dozen oysters, wine, and a wonderful organic Scottish salmon that was to die for! A jazz trio played while we dined in candlelight. All in all, a wonderful birthday!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my maternal grandmother, DD, who celebrates her birthday today, April 7, with me. She turns 98! May God bless her!!!


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