New Year Baby Fundraiser

Attended a fundraiser at the White Rabbit in the Lower East Side for a documentary film that’s in the process of getting created called New Year Baby. It’s the story of a Cambodian American family who survived the genocide of the Khmer Rhouge and started again in the United States. It’s a touching and very poignant story of love, courage, and sacrifice.

I used to be involved in the production team but then I started grad school and I knew something had to give. Unfortunately, it had to be New Year Baby so I told Soch, the director that I could no longer be part of the team.

But tonight, I came out to support the project and all the amazing people are working to make this film happen. I even won a silent auction prize in the process — a beautiful blue Cambodian silk scarf, matching purse, and wallet — all for the low price of $60 — that went to a good cause. MoJo was just coming on with a sore throat so he went home early. I stayed and schmoozed to support the film and encouraged others to support it too.

I believe in this project and would not be the least surpirsed if it aired on PBS or at your local independent theater in the near future. For more information, check out the New Year Baby website.


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