First Day of Class, My 2nd Semester

Although I was dredding the first day of class, I suprised myself at how much I actually enjoyed it. See, I’m an official bonafide geek who just loves the first days of school as I tote around new school supplies and shop for unweathered and unmarked books. I’m also a true Aries who always loves the feel of new beginnings.

I signed up again for two classes since it’s all I can handle as I work full-time. Four more semesters of part-time classes and full-time work. The end seems like an eternity away.

My 1st class, The Anthropology of Violence, was gravely overcrowded. Thirty students showed up and the professor hoped only for 15. He should’ve put a limit on the class during registration but he didn’t; now he has to figure out which 15 he wants to keep. So now I wait for word. We all had to write down our year, the program we were in, and our background in social theory. This class is heavily inundated with the modern (defined by Prof D as post-Descartes) Western philosophers such as Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Nietzche, Foucault. I’m a little intimated since I’ve had minimal exposure to their writings and this class is a lot of work. But I’m up for the challenge. I’m planning to no longer have a life any longer this semester anyway.

I await to see if I made the “cut”. If not, there won’t be any love lost. I’ve already got another class as a back-up.

My 2nd class, Race & the Articulation of Difference, was rockin’. So much correlation between the events in New Orleans and the readings we are assigned. I really look forward to this class.

MoJo has already waved good-bye to me since he knows how busy I can get. I will try to be better about managing my time. I am committed to eating healthy and exercising daily. I am committed to having down time especially with my family, friends, and MoJo.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose my sanity!


One response to “First Day of Class, My 2nd Semester

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