Gentle Variations & Dinner with MoJoShowBiz’s Famiglia

Today, my “regular” yoga teacher came back to teach the usual Saturday morning class. It was great to see B again as she had taken several weeks off to complete her finals for classes in her Masters program. I told her about my new discovery last week with the triangle pose causing the old back pain to return so she taught me really good and gentle variations for the triangle and reverse triangle poses. They worked great since I do not feel any back pain tonight!!

MoJoShowBiz’s parents took the family out to dinner at Agnanti, a nice Greek restaurant by Astoria Park for a belated celebration of Joe’s birthday. There were 8 of us all together: MoJoShowBiz’s parents, grandparents, his youngest brother and her girlfriend, and us. His middle brother was missing — off playing at one of his gigs. The restaurant was a nice family restaurant; they provided dessert and coffee on the house. Can you believe they offered it to us for free?? Says a lot about this place, right? The thing is though…I can’t remeber its name!


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