U2 @ MSG tonite!!!

The rest of the story to come. I just wanted to get some pics up for your viewing pleasure. My camera also has video capacity so if I can figure out how to post a video, then I’ll post one on here.

This was U2’s first concert at the Garden this Fall. They were here for a few days back in the spring!! Above, is Bono & Adam Clayton. And on the left is Bono (with a nice view of his behind in both shots) with the Edge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a back shot of Larry Mullin.

The crowd thumping at the Garden! We had seats at the rear of the stage and althought it wasn’t ideal, it certainly gave us a different perspective of the place. It also gave me the chance to take a shot like this one.

I’m sure these folks were also cheering for the fact that the Boston Red Sox lost their game and the division series to the Chicago White Sox that night. Wahoo!! Down with the Red Sox!!

One response to “U2 @ MSG tonite!!!

  1. If you are interested in U2 my friend is raving about Bono on Bono book… http://www.beccainthesun.blogspot.comas for stationery..www.ilovestationery.blogspot.comHope to hear from you, Best Dawn

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