Shoulder Injury: I’m a Mess

After a recent gentle yoga class, I started feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder and I knew it wasn’t muscular. Talked to The Trainer about it and he told me to lay off the shoulder for the next few days. He suggested I ice it three times a day and at the end of the day, put a heat pack on it. I nursed it like this for two weeks and The Trainer focused on my lower body during workouts. When the pain was gone, we started to gently incorporate upper body workouts.

I thought I was in the clear when I went home one night, and pulled off my boots, and boom! I aggravated the shoulder and the pain was back. This is when I knew something was really wrong. So at the suggestion of The Trainer, I took a trip to the orthepedic doctor who suggested I take an MRI. In the meantime, he gave me Celebrex for the pain. It didn’t help. The MRI showed an inflammation of muscle tissue and a resulting impingement of that muscle under the scapula. A tendon in my shoulder was starting to fray, coming close to a tear. I asked my doctor how this could’ve happened. He said that some people are born with lower positioned scapulas that would lend itself to an impingement. I asked why my muscles are acting out now, after almost 30 years, if I was born with this condition. He was stumped. He didn’t know.

He advised me to rest, no workouts. And more Celebrex and hopefully, it will heal in time. As nice as my doctor was, it was frustrating to walk out of his office with no answers. If I don’t know what caused this injury, how am I supposed to prevent it from happening again??

My body feels broken. Like vase that fell to the floor and was put back together with crazy glue. That’s how my body feels which leads to my feeling emotionally broken too. Ugh. This sucks!!!!


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