Only Been to 5% of the World! Ack!!

Check out one of Douwe Osinga’s really cool projects. Below are countries in the world I have traveled to. It makes me realize that I really have to jump back on the traveling bandwagon. I missed my new country this year because of school…I’m sooo pissed that I broke a special promise to myself!!

My hope is to perhaps see two new countries in 2006. One will definitely be a three-week trip to Ghana to visit E who I met on the Inca Trail 3 years ago. There’s a possibility that I might go to Tuscany, Italy and stay with newly married friends who are renting a villa for 3 weeks in March.

Top 5 Places JoJo Desires to Visit:
1. Vietnam
2. Australia/New Zealand
3. Italy
4. Costa Rica
5. The Pacific Islands of Fiji, Tahiti, and Easter Island

So little money, not enough time, and always stuck workin’ for the man. * heavy sigh*

Below is a map of where I’ve been in the US and I must admit, that TX, MI, OH, and a lot of southerns states south of VA are due to airport layovers or driving through en route to FL. Missouri is a “real” visit though; I have family there and I helped facilitate a one-week college workshop for Native American high school students at Wash U back in 1999. If you take away these states and the Southwest, and add OR, it would look quite similar to the last presidential election. Ha! Can you tell I’m a flaming liberal??? ‘Nuf said.


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