New Year’s Eve 2005

The table full of food in preparation for the stroke of midnight, 2006!
There are many superstitions that Filipinos believe in and many get played out on New Year’s Eve where what you do at the stroke of midnight in the new year, you do for the rest of the year. That’s why the table is set full of food and on it are plenty of noodles (on my table there’s pancit and spaghetti) for long life and round thing (grapes, clementines, meatballs, pancakes even though they are flat) for money and posterity. There’s also an red elephant on the table (can you find it?) with it’s tusk up for good luck that holds lots of loose change.

But before devouring the food and shaking the pockets full of change, more pictures!

Here are the chefs of all that food, and the usual celebrants of New Year’s Eve. Who made them wear those funny things on their heads??? We look a little tired because we’ve been slaving away in the kitchen for 2 full days! We made enough food to feed an army!

I invited MoJo to our usual close-knit celebration and enticed him with all this Filipino food like lumpia and pancit! I didn’t need to twist his arm. He was happy to join us and we were happy to have him. Who made him wear his funny thing on his head???

I think he’s really excited to start eating, what do you think?

Let’s wash down some of that food with some liquid, shall we??? What, a wine glass? Nah, I’ll just drink straight out of the bottle. Notice, it’s gotten mighty warm in here…

Oh no! I think someone’s had a little too much food and libation. Is it time to go to bed yet??? What a CUTIE!!

Happy New Year 2006!!!
May this year bring you and yours good health, prosperity,
and much laughter so you may embrace
life’s inevitable mountains and valleys!!!


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