It won’t be Ghana this year

Well folks, it looks like Ghana isn’t happening this year.

Based on my work demands, the only month that I can get away is July. And Ghana in July is HIGH season. This means that a round trip ticket from JFK to Accra is $1700! I almost fainted. I have never spent so much money on a plane ticket, not even to the Philippines.

If The Roommate remained, I would’ve saved the money and visited my friend E, who is in Accra on a fellowship till August (If I go, it would be the 3rd continent E & I would spend time in. We met on the Inca Trail in Peru). But now that The Roommate is leaving on April 1st, my typical monthly savings will go to rent. So I really can’t pull off a $1700 ticket.

This situation leaves me with two options:

  • Visit someone I know and stay in free lodging
  • Visit someplace closer to home (read: Central America)

If I were to go to Central America, it would have to be Costa Rica. Why? There is so much to do in Costa Rica: the beaches, the rainforest and jungle, the biodiversity, the really good infrastructure. What else can you ask for in a country? And a trip to Costa Rica would not be complete without learning how to SURF.

Which then got me thinking about my wanting to try something new. And since I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, maybe now is a good time to learn. If I end up hating it or not able to do it, at least I would’ve tried it. But a 3 day, all-inclusive surf camp in Costa Rica looks like it’ll cost me $800. Yikes! I’ll have to use my frequent flier miles to get there and really go budget traveling. As of right now, I do not have a travel companion. Even though I have no problems traveling alone, it would probably be better and cheaper to travel with someone.

This then led me to thinking about my first option which is to visit my uncle and his family living in Maui. Maui!!! Apparently, the most beautiful of all the islands of Hawaii and the island which my uncle has been inviting me to visit for the last several years. I could stay with them and take surfing lessons too.

Thinking thinking. Will be thinking about this for a little bit. If you have any suggestions, I would welcome them.


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