Week of Hell: Finals

So my body feels like crap owing to all this crazy stress. I know what it feels like to be at 100% vitality (a unit of measurement used by The Accupuncturist) where it feels like I have tons of energy, my body is humming, and I’m whistling out loud on the street cuz I just feel so damn good. When I feel this good, it’s like I’m flying (no seriously, sans drugs just needles)!! Right now, I feel aches in my muscles and my joints are creaking like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, and my injured shoulder is back thanks to my lifting my heavy laundry bag and carrying it like Santa Claus two blocks to my local laundrymat a week ago (you will not believe how much I would give for a washer and dryer in my apartment right now). I could kill myself for being so careless!! I should’ve known better.

Tried to push up my appointment with The Accupuncturist and I can’t get one!!! I like seeing him at the end of the day cuz I don’t feel rushed since there’s no one after me. He’s gotten so popular…in part, thanks to my recommending him to so many people. Folks have seen how good I’ve been looking these past few months and have asked my secret. Silly me. I told them it was him. Seven people have now seen him, thanks to my referrals! Shit. So no good deed goes unpunished. I mean, I’m really happy for all of us taking charge of ourselves to be healthier people. But this sucks that he’s getting popular!!!

Breathe JoJo. Breathe. Note to self: Must learn to share and get over your only-child mentality.

*sigh* Got two papers, both due on May 12. One on the balikbayan box and the other on Karl Marx and his labor theory of economics. Shite!

Ok, I can do this. I can get through this.

Acceptance, submission, surrender. All these attitudes are key to my well-being. This is my journey. I have to embrace it with love.

Remember the light at the end of this week’s tunnel. Visualize 3 weeks in Costa Rica in July: surfing, volcanoes, ziplining through the cloud forest, the incredibly diversity of animals and plants, the beaches. Remind myself of how incredibly blessed I am to have the opportunity to study a discipline that really fascinates and excites me, that I have the intellectual capacity to critically analyze and cogently write about topics that interest me, that I have an amazing job that supports me, and that I ultimately have the physical and mental capacity to heal myself and get through this pain.

Perhaps I should re-phrase the title of this post to “Week of Acceptance, Submission, and Surrender”.


One response to “Week of Hell: Finals

  1. Thanks Robert!!! I’ll need more than luck…I’ll need prayers too. Please say one for me. Thank you!! Btw, I would love to share what I’ve written on the balikbayan box with you. Looking forward to you moving back to the East Coast. Btw, you look quit fetching in your suit on the beach. 🙂

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