We Froze our Butts Off for Depeche Mode

We’re city folk. Therefore, we don’t own cars. So The Quirky One and I took the LIRR to see Depeche Mode at Jones Beach. We thought we would be 2 out of oh say, 10 people needing a shuttle bus to the theater…when in fact there must’ve been a few hundred of us. I couldn’t believe it.

Fooled by the warm weather of the afternoon, The Quirky One wore summer clothes: flip flops, capri pants, and a tank top with a light zip up sweater to the concert. I was dressed a little more warmly but all thanks to luck really. When we got to the outdoor theater (our first time to attend), the wind picked up as we realized how much colder it can get right by the bay! Needless to say, we froze our buns off. I was afraid our toes would fall off too. So, it was even more reason to buy Depeche Mode paraphanelia. We ended up wearing our newly bought purchases to provide extra layering against the wind.

I’ve waited 17 years to see these guys. This is a shout out to my JHS peeps!!!! We wore black, teased our bangs high, and listened to Depeche Mode’s Violator on our Sony Walkmans, and thought they were just simply amazing with the hits that came off that album: “Enjoy the Silence,” “Policy of Truth,” and “Personal Jesus.” Here’s to you ladies! Boy how we’ve grown: three of us are getting married this year, two are engaged, and three (including yours truly) are still standing.

Thanks goodness I always manage to sneak in my camera. I don’t know why I bother though. I never have terribly good seats but the camera has a video function. So sometimes I take a video…but then I’m always singing so I just end up hearing my voice on the video. That’s definitely not a good thing to post. Ha!!! I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t play Policy of Truth tonight. It’s my favorite song, I have to admit!!! It elicits such strong JHS memories!!!

The Quirky One and I were on the lookout for lots of Asians at the concert considering our group of friends who listened to DM were all Asian. We were surprised to find very few Asian folks at the concert and even more surprised to hear a lot of foreign languages being spoken. There were A LOT of Europeans there. It’s the first concert I’ve been to where English was not the predominant language (As a side note, a Pearl Jam concert was the concert where most of the voices I heard singing belonged to men.)

On a final note, which serves as a funny story to boot: when The Quirky One heard that I was a DM fan and how long I’ve been listening to them, she was startled at how far back they go. She’s only three years younger than me but got into them in college. I told her that I was listening to them in the late 80s! A few days later, in the excitement of perhaps finding another DM fan, she asked if she could borrow my DM disc collection so she could burn copies. I had to break it to her that I listened to them on cassettes and never got around to buying CDs!!! Funny, huh?


One response to “We Froze our Butts Off for Depeche Mode

  1. Thanks Robert! I am definitely having fun considering that this is when my summer officially starts. Got my grades and all!! So I’m free until I get my leash again in September.

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