A Wedding by the Sea

I love all the things there are,
and of all the fires
love is the only inexhaustible one;
and that’s why I go from life to life,
from guitar to guitar,
and I have no fear
of light or of shade,
and being almost earth myself,
I spoon away at infinity.

— Pablo Neruda

The Cooking Anthropologist & her husband, the Computer Scientist sharing their first dance.

I was honored to be asked to read at their wedding. I read a poem by Neruda, an excerpt I included above.

A German tradition, where the new bride and groom have to saw a log in half to represent teamwork and unity. You can see these two were having fun.

Below is JK & me. I haven’t seen her since her Vermont wedding in 1999. Now she has two beautiful boys!

The obligatory MHC shot below.

African drummers at the reception.

I spent time with the Cooking Anthropologist & the Computer Scientist in Tanzania when she was doing her year of fieldwork. We went snorkeling off the coast of Kigombe and lunched on a sand island only exposed during low tide.

A double-date weekend at the Cape, this time with Mojo in tow.


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