Blogging Hiatus

Dang. Changes on and I didn’t even know it till now. Sheesh. Have I really been that out of the loop? I guess so.

Procrastinating at the ‘mo. Don’t really want to write that final paper due in less than two weeks. Who says going to grad school part-time and working full-time is fun?!?! Looking forward to graduating in May 2007. Other things I look forward to doing in the next month or so:

  • Christmas
  • Vacation in Maui this New Year’s with Mojo & Mom
  • SURFING in Maui every morning

Looking forward to blogging more about: upcoming trips; my healing journey with the help of my TCM healer; newly discovered cooking recipes due to a wheatless, dairyless, sugarless, potato and oatless, peanut and almondless…and for one week in the month, a meatless diet; books I’m reading (for pleasure that is!); future dreams and wishes.

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!


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