A Better Countdown

In my exhaustion last time, I forgot the most important countdown of all (besides the one to Christmas of course).

It’s the number of days left to Maui. That would be 18 days. 18 days!

Dec 31 we fly out with our polka dots on and all. We arrive in Kahului in the late afternoon — rent a car with racks for the surfboard, get some inexpensive snorkeling gear at the nearby Walmart, rent the surfboard for 10 days — and arrive at my family’s home in time to freshen up, unpack, and celebrate the New Year on the island in serenity.

Aloha Maui!

I want to:

  • surf every morning — just the idea of paddling out past the breakers makes me giddy!
  • watch the sunrise at Haleakala Crater
  • hike the trails or bike down Haleakala
  • snorkel
  • drive along Hana Highway
  • get a massage on the beach
  • practice yoga on the beach like that Rodney Yee
  • spend time with my uncle, aunt, and grown cousins I haven’t seen in years
  • kayak — it would be my first time but it seems like sooo much fun
  • eat sushi on the beach

I’m procrastinating. Now back to writing.


2 responses to “A Better Countdown

  1. You are going to have an awesome time in Hawaii! Enjoy!Hope to see you before you leave 🙂

  2. Thanks Jenn! We will definitely catch up the week you are back in the Big Apple.

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