First Paper IN

Managed to get that first paper on gifts and gift exchange handed in…and on time to boot!!! For some reason, ever since I started graduate school, I could never meet my deadlines. I always handed the paper hours after, and in one case, two days after it was due. Oh well. The world still turns. A special thank you to Mojo for printing the paper and actually walking it over and putting it in my prof’s mailbox. Thank goodness he’s been at Columbia the entire time I’ve been there. And I’m even more thankful that he’s willing to wait around on days like today and act as my messenger. I couldn’t have handed in all my papers in grad school without him. Thanks cutie!

I’ve learned to not worry about it so much. Grad school classwork deadlines are not the end of the world and professors don’t seem much to mind. I think they’ve got their own shit to worry about. I’ve discovered that profs understand all too well the concept of being overwhelmed. I’m surrounded by former profs so I see upfront that, hey, they are human after all!

Came home and slept for five hours. My body was thankful. Totally forgot that I was supposed to help my mom see The Acupuncturist. Oops. She did fine without me. He told her to find some hobbies. I think that’s a great idea — I’ve been telling her to do that all along but she hasn’t seemed to want to listen to me in the past. I’m just the daughter, you see. What do I know? Mom now sees though that I know a thing or two about life. 🙂

Now I’m wide awake and its 2:30 am. What to do? Maybe I’ll go raid the fridge and fix myself a snack.


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