The President’s ONE RGI

In his 6 months of employment at The Foundation, The President lamented that he has yet to come up with one RGI [really good idea] until now (Of course, we all know that’s not true). He has decided that The Foundation will be CLOSED next week. And even if we chose to come into the office, we can’t. At least for 3 of the 5 days…the building is under total lock down. No after-hour security guard to let us in. Ha! He said for those of us who have our computers and crackberries, er…blackberries, attached to our central artery, we can still certainly work from home but we have been given permission to take the week off so that we can spend time with our families for the holidays.

How’s that for a nice Xmas present?! And he has said that next year and all subsequent years, he will work out some time for the office to be closed depending on which days the holidays fall.

I think The President’s idea is not just a really good one, it’s a BRILLIANT one. Wow — the office closed all next week and I’m going on vacation for the first two weeks of January. Three weeks off. God, thanks for looking out for me!

And Office Santa came around this afternoon, handing everyone their white envelope. In it were our annual letters from The President, informing us of our yearly salary increases. I opened up my letter, paused at the new amount and thought, “Huh…OK, I wasn’t expecting that.” I got a little more than the standard 3.5% annual increase. I worked a bit harder this year, asked for more responsibilities and was given them, and carried them out well. Thanks to the PBT [Powers that Be] for the extra little boost — I feel recognized for the extra work that I did. I was allowed to invite MoJo and we celebrated at our annual holiday party of Swedish glögg, smoked salmon, beef tenderloin encrusted with herbs, and all other sorts of goodies. Yum.

Today was a really nice day full of surprises and signs of appreciation by the PBT at work. I’m very thankful — for a job with a great employer.


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