Maui I

Maui is beautiful! It’s my second day back and the shot of cold weather coming out of JFK just reminded me how much happier I am when it is warm outside.

Mom, Mojo, and I had a fantastic time staying with our family and visiting the island. We decided not to travel to the other islands and in the end, it was good decision. At the start of our trip, we thought we had plenty of time to see and do all the things we wanted. After a few days, we realized that we could only accomplish 1/3 of what we set out to do especially since I tried to surf every day and we spent quality time with our family over breakfast and dinner every day.

More stories and pics to come…look for a pic of me on a surfboard…if you’re lucky, I’ll post the video! Come back and check again. In the meantime, here’s a bit to whet your appetite.

JanJan & I on New Year’s Eve. It is Filipino custom to pop firecrackers on Dec 31. I stuck with the itty bitty sparklers since the bigger, noisier firecrackers scare me. 🙂

Our first day on the island, we still had to get our bearings, adjust to the time difference, and shop for some necessities. We took a detour and stopped by Kanaha Beach, in Kahalui. This beach is right next to the airport (can you believe it?) and a perfect spot for beginner windsurfers.

We were treated by my family to a luau at the Marriott Hotel in Wailea. In the background is Molokini, the partly submergered crater, and further back is another island, Kaho’olawe.

Finally, a shot of my aunt and uncle (with a shaka) who were our fantastic hosts during our stay. They approve of Mojo and are thrilled that he was able to eat all the Filipino food they served him, especially since we had rice for breakfast. It is typical for Filipinos to eat rice three times a day. 🙂


6 responses to “Maui I

  1. Mmmm, I miss rice + eggs (over easy) + tocino (or longonisa). My favorite filipino breakfast.

  2. Fried rice with some garlic is even better…and fried tinapa. Have you had that for breakfast? So good…but what a stinky house afterwards!Shout out the Back, when did you eat Filipino breakfasts or are you a kababayan? 🙂

  3. Ahh yes, sinangag, love it. Tinapa? I was never fond of it, probably because of the smell, tho I might enjoy it now.Btw, it’s “Shot Out” not “Shout Out” (real name, Jay). 😀 “Shot out the back” is a cycling term for one that’s a really slow bike racer. Imagine one was shot out a canon that was facing towards the back of the group.I’m a US born filipino. I rarely have good filipino food nowadays. Mom rarely cooks since we flew the coop. When I do come upon some, I usually eat ’til it hurts!

  4. Sorry SHOT Out the Back. LOL — my bad!! That’s what I get when I combine skimming and ignorance. :)So you are a kababayan after all! Filipino food is easy to make, let me know if you need some recipes. I guess you are not living in an area that has Filipino restaurants either. When I was in Maui, there were Filipinos EVERYWHERE. I heard Tagalog all the time…even more so than I do here in NYC. It was cool to be around so many Filipinos without having to be in the Philippines.

  5. I used to make pancit when I was in college. I might have to take you up on those recipes.I just moved to Rochester, NY and unfortunately the filipino restaurant up here closed before I stumbled upon their website. At least we have Indian, Thai, and some decent Chinese Noodle shops, so the move from the metro area wasn’t SOOO bad. :-DI have a friend that lives on the big island in Hawaii and she told me about the numbers of filipinos. Very cool stuff. Sounds like you had fun!

  6. Doh! That sucks about the Filipino resturant. Sure thing, let me know about the recipes.

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