Maui II: Mojo

All the pictures on my camera are of Mojo. He was so happy in Maui, discovering new types of flora, walking over and around lava formations, and trying all sorts of tropical fruits like papaya, chico, calamansi that are familiar to Filipinos.

Here’s a beast of an avocado that we got from a tree that grows in the backyard of my aunt’s mother’s house. It was big, creamy, and so sweet. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen and tasted here on the mainland. The guacamole we could make with this avocado would be out of this world! The papayas we ate grew in the backyard of my uncle’s house. We would pick the ripe ones and eat them. They were the sweetest papayas I’ve ever tasted…not the ones that taste awful. I liken them to tasting like armpits.

Mojo already looks relaxed on our first day on the island. We couldn’t believe this was the beach by the airport! We could hear and see the airplanes as they took off.

He did get a little stressed at the luau, when he thought he had to dance a hula on stage in front of the entire audience. He prepared himself by drinking two mai tai’s at a time.

Mojo and his shakas in front of a cresting wave about to crash on the shore in Nahiku along the Hana Highway. And below, our curiosity led us into a lava tube. Doesn’t he fit right in and look like a geologist? He just needs a headlamp and a pick and he’s all set.
We’ll have to wait till he downloads his photos since his has lots of pictures of me. What a team!


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