A Different Kind of Island

Picture courtesy of Mojo, taken on our penultimate day in Maui

The Acupuncuturist told me yesterday that I was not being present.

The A: Girl! You, your head is still in Maui!

JoJo: I could’ve told you that. I miss that place. I just don’t want to be here.

The A: This city is wonderful; there are lots of museums, restaurants, and plenty of culture. Take advantage of it. Do something every week. I bet you those people on Maui would give anything to have what you have and live in NYC. This is the center of the universe! (twinkle in his eye)

JoJo (laments): I know. I love NYC. This is my home, where I grew up. I need to fall in love with it again. But it’s such a rat race!

The A: You know, Manhattan is an island. (smiles) Bring some of that aloha back here.

JoJo: Yeah. (pause) With millions of crazy people living on it!!!!!!! Grrr…

Went back to work today. It’s definitely the most direct way to get over the lingering jet lag that I’m still trying to hang on to. I’m spoiled, I know. I’ve been off for three weeks and had 5 days since returning to the mainland to readjust.

Isn’t it funny how even if we’ve got it good, we are still never happy? Jeez. Need to reflect more on that ever elusive state of happiness. I know it doesn’t have to be elusive. We humans just choose to make it that way. I need to also keep working on being present. I don’t know what it is. Everyone feels a bit depressed after returning from a great trip. I just feel like I got the wind knocked out of me in a way that I’ve never felt from other trips I’ve taken in the past.


One response to “A Different Kind of Island

  1. Wow! The NeatEngine definitely likes the new look JoJo! Sorry to have been MIA lately. You got some lovely pictures from Maui. Hope all is well! And hope to see you soon!

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