Thesis Tomorrow, Wedding Today

So the first draft of my thesis is due tomorrow and I’m far from done. All nighter…here I come. So what’s a gal to do at a time like this??? Go to a wedding!

How can I miss the wedding of good friend, someone I’ve known since junior high school? That’s way back…to 1987. Here she is being given away by her dad. She wore a red qipao the whole day instead of doing the switcheroo that many Chinese brides do…it’s so beautiful on her!

I’m really happy Mrs. Artist met Mr. Artist; they are just darling together. Check em out here, dancing to some real good ‘ol skool music that Mr. Artist chose. We danced to Gonna Make You Sweat by C&C Music Factory, Good Vibrations by Marky Mark, Grove is in the Heart by Deee Lite, and my personal favorite, Now That We Found Love by Heavy D & the Boyz!!! I HEART early 1990s music! Yah!!! 🙂

Here’s MoJo goofin’ off as always…he’s slowly morphing back to his normal self now that he handed in his thesis for review to his committee. His defense will be in early May. Cross your fingers folks…God willing, he’ll be Dr. MoJo in a few weeks time! For now, he’s back to eating, drinking, and being his goofy self. The man lost 15 pounds in the last 3 weeks cuz he had been so stressed out writing his thesis.

PSA for the day: If you are contemplating doing a PhD, I hope you think long and hard the reasons why you want to do it. It is a LOT of unhealthy torture to put your body and mind through. Ugh. Just watching him and some of my good friends go through this process really makes me want to run to the hills even though the thought to get one has seriously crossed my mind.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Here’s a toast to Mr. & Mrs. Artist! May your life together as a married couple be full of love, understanding, respect, and laughter. Congratulations!!!


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