Heroes Chapter 20: Five Yrs In the Future

Oh my freakin’ goodness!!! Heroes Chapter 20 was sooooo insane tonight! Ahhhh, I can’t take it — how good is this show or what!? I also don’t have a life besides writing my thesis these days so an hour of escape is a good thing for my sanity.

Of course, five years down the road we get to see some character evolution. It’s really interesting to see how the accumulation of people’s individual choices intersect with other people’s choices to create their realities; and how grief and fear can really hold people far back from achieving their true potential and discovering how truly powerful we really are.

Speaking of character development, can we talk Peter Petrelli? Hhhel-lo!?! Hhhhhot! *sizzle* Granted, the man has a huge scar across his face and he’s wearing a wife beater. Maybe, it’s the scar? It’s definitely not the wife beater…or is it?! Eeks…am I starting to like wife beaters?! Later in the episode, during the face off…he reminded me of Neo in the Matrix.

In five years, we see his character grow from timid, whiny, and confused to confident, angry, and brooding. Future Peter reminds me a bit of Emily Bronte‘s Heathcliff, if you ask me. The show’s writers did such a great job with his character!

Watching this episode was insane…didn’t I say that earlier?!?! There were certain scenes where I FREAKED out…I was so excited at times I was deliriously clapping and giddy all over!!! I think the last time I was this giddy while watching something was during Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Siths when the audience sees the mask lowering down on the screen to complete Anakin Skywalker’s transformation into Darth Vader. It was sick!!!! 🙂

Btw, thesis draft has still not been submitted yet. Don’t freakin’ ask. *hmph*


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