My turn today!

My convocation was today, MoJo’s yesterday…as you can see by the pics below.

On the subway early this morning en route to campus wearing our academic regalia. I thought we were sooo cute in our somewhat matching robes. Some people smiled and even wished us good luck. How often do you see peeps in graduation robes on the subway? LOL

After my ceremony…mom and I decided that MoJo looks like Christopher Columbus in his funny hat.

Here’s my proud momma and me later at Mama Mexico. Yum!
Holy shitake!!!
I’m…err…we’re DONE!!!
I can return to having some semblance of a life!
Dave Matthews Band…

2 responses to “My turn today!

  1. so so so so SOOOOOOO exciting. you both look wonderful. congratulations to you both. so so so proud of you both. yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks girl for all your encouragement throughout my entire time in grad school!!!! Your advice was invaluable and practical and I know you prevented many a meltdowns. I’ll never forget when you asked me incredulously, “You read the book from cover to cover?” LOL. Oh, how naive of me!

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