Welcome 2008!

After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging mode.

The last half of 2007 was just nuts but I’m proud to say that I planned the bulk of our 200 person wedding in just 5 months. Brides-to-be: do not believe the naysayers who say you need at least a year to plan. Bologna! Keep your eye on the big picture by remembering that all you need to get married is you, your partner, an officiant, and a witness. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Mojo & I are putting the fun back in our lives now that we are married, have our degrees, and wedding planning is far behind us (no wedding planning withdrawal for me, thanks very much). Spending time with each other in this new way is so very exciting and we look forward to exploring our beloved Big Apple, taking trips together, setting up our home, and spending time with each other.

Much soul searching has happened since the end of 2007 due to circumstances in the office and I’m happy to say that I’m continuing to evolve, face my fears, and am thrilled at my ambition to live a purposeful and exciting life! To help me, I joined www.43things.com. Check out my profile here.


4 responses to “Welcome 2008!

  1. Dear Jo Jo,12 Step Programs are “satanic”, mind altering, “cults”….they are wrong, bad, evil, dangerous & above all….anti Christ!!Recognizing “Groupthink”Singer (cult expert) stresses that all cults are based firstly on a thought reform program Such programs aim to dilute people’s individuality, change their core belief systems and alter their concept of themselves. This is done by imposing a “totalistic ideology” which “explains everything” Such groups will say they are “THE WAY”, the “ONLY WAY” be it in religion, science, self-help, psychotherapy or politics.Lifton (cult expert) points out that “included in this mystique is a sense of ‘higher purpose’, of ‘having directly perceived some imminent law of social development’, of being themselves the vanguard of this development” Consequently, all other groups are charlatans, shams, impostors, degenerate, etc. Normally they have authoritarian leaders and lieutenants at all levels and/or they venerate the works of dead leaders to justify their totalistic ideology and actions. Not choosing the group’s Way will usually lead to humiliation, damnation or death. To achieve this they such a phenomenon members undergo what has been called “brainwashing”, “mind control” in order to achieve “Groupthink”.I, MICKY, AM THE HOLY ONE OF GOD.

  2. Err…thanks for posting Micky although I think you may have posted on the wrong blog. No idea what you are talking about re: Groupthink.

  3. Sorry about that, 99!Do you believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross, for your sins?I, MICKY, AM A GIFT TO ALL PEOPLE.

  4. Woah, what was that all about? What’s been going on in the office?? Krista

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