My Very First Chinese Wedding Banquet

My friend Jenn and her husband (in the middle) at their Chinese wedding banquet with me & MoJo on the left, and KT & her husband Jason on the right. Jenn, KT, and I went elementary and junior high school together. Jenn & I went to high school together. In the last few years, we recently got back in touch.

Here’s a picture of me and a bunch of folks I went to HS with (and partners/spouses). It was great to see them; haven’t laid eyes on some of them in 14 years! Looking at us now and comparing our faces to our HS photos (yes, I whipped out the yearbook as soon as I got home), we haven’t aged one bit. We all look great!

Jenn’s mom and dad who remember me and I them, with fondness. Jenn & I grew up a block away from each other and because we went to the same school for 13 years, we grew close. They always used to give my mom and I a ride to assemblies and such. What great memories I have from childhood of friends from the neighborhood.


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