Are the stars grossly aligned so well that we are celebrating Super and Fat Tuesday on the same day? And of course, there’s the Giants and the ticker tape parade in downtown Manhattan this morning. And there’s Chinese New Year in two days!!!

I’m completely over-stimulated, I must admit.

I did my civic duty and voted after work. Is this a great great presidential race this year, or what?!! I never thought that I would ever see such fervor in this country to vote especially among young people. I’m used to their complacency, feelings of disenfranchisement, and total lack of interest. I just watched ABC News and thus far, 11 million registered Democrats came out and voted nationwide tonight. And of the tallied votes there is only a 17,000 popular vote difference between Clinton and Obama. It’s an exciting nail biter!!!

After I voted, I witnessed a very sweet moment in front of the local public library, which served as a polling place on days like today: an African-American woman was taking a picture of her daughter, who couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. As I walked up to them, I realized they had just voted together and the mom was taking a picture of the historic event and her daughter held open a big sign hanging around her neck…kinda like those folks on a NYC corner wearing billboards and distributing flyers for manicures, eyebrow threading, or men’s custom suit tailoring. I was thrilled that this little girl was getting taught at an early age about the importance of this civic duty! Touched by this moment, I stopped and offered to take their picture together. Mom agreed and as I was about to take the picture, I had to ask the girl to open up her sign since it got crushed because she was so busy hugging mom. She was so cute as she obediently followed my instructions, revealing a homemade sign with a picture of Obama that said, “Obama for President”.

Doesn’t this story just make your heart melt??? What a country!

There, I’ve proclaimed my side.

What are the taboo topics one does not discuss on a first date? Religion, politics, and sex (and ex-es as a corollary to this topic). Well, I would rather not discuss these topics either on my blog. So why declare who I support? Because it’s important for me to state who I endorse (Ha, like I’m a somebody with any political power or money!) at this juncture of the race.

Hey wait a minute…I voted. Why didn’t I act like a total slovenly glutton in honor of Fat Tuesday?


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