Moleskine to the Rescue

I’m really excited. I always am whenever I get something new.

The tendency with big bags is to fill it with stuff. When I had shoulder issues, I switched to using small bags in order to be disciplined about putting only things I needed in my purses.

Well, no more shoulder issues and I fell in love with my blue big bag. Despite my attempt to keep only what I need to a minimum, I still manage to walk around carrying the weight of gold. My bag has become a black hole for stuff that I think I need. Of course, there’s my book that I’m reading and my 3 inch journal, my water bottle. Ack! The burden is becoming too great.

So I went and bought these and what a relief! My 3-inch think, 5 pound journal. Out! Usher in my new, sleek, and more importantly slim and lightweight moleskine. The recipient of all my hopes, dreams, ideas, gratitudes, and yes, even fears. My heart speaking in a tangible form. And each book has 80 pages each. Plenty of room to jot down things and tote around everywhere!

I’ve always liked Moleskines especially when I discovered a flickr group dedicated to art and poetry found in Moleskines. The pictures are pretty inspiring! I always look at them wishing I had the God given talent to draw. But alas no. God gave me other gifts to cultivate.


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