Who Needs Valentine’s Day?!

MoJo and I boycott Valentine’s Day. We did it when we were single and we do it now in our first year of marriage. It wasn’t too long ago either when we spent many a Valentine’s Day alone. So we are stickin’ it to VDay and hanging out with the rest of the world who have got more important things to do with our time…and our money for that matter.

Why should we allow Hallmark to dictate when to express our loving or appreciative feelings towards our loved ones? Puhleaze. We are not contributing to this ridiculous $17 billion sham. As cliché as it is, Valentine’s Day should be every day.

(Hint: I’ll take Jacques Torres dark chocolates any day please!)

So what did we do instead? We ordered take out from Jaya, one of our favorite Malaysian restaurants in NYC (we always order the same thing: out of this world crispy squid appetizer — the best, we ordered two orders because I wasn’t willing to share; salted fish fried rice; roti canai and beef randang). We opened a bottle of 2003 bottle of Pinot Noir from Gundlach Bundschu, a vineyard we visited when we went to CA in 2005. Afterwards, we picked one of our Netflix movies to watch. We picked Transformers, the most un-Valentine movie of the group. What a waste of two hours though! It was terrible movie: the acting was mediocre, the storyline had lots of holes, the writing was bad, and the special effects were just uninspiring.


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