Still Got the Moves

…and the stamina. Ha! Four Tanqueray and tonics and some unrecognizable shot later, I was still standing at 4:30 this morning. I was out celebrating my cousin’s birthday at Strata. It was a nice little group of her friends, whom I’ve never met. But you know me, I can hang with anyone. And I sure did…and they were all 8 years my junior. They must’ve thought me a dinosaur. I chuckled to myself when two asked each other in wonderment, “When did we grow up and get old?” LOL — ok spring chicken at @ 24. Yeah, you’re old. And I’m a well preserved mummy. It’s all good though because I had a great time…and just my sheer experience taught these kids a thing or too about confidence. 😉 I’m so happy to be in my 30s!

Last night, I dusted off my dancing shoes and showed off my dance moves. It was a small blessing that MoJo wasn’t there. He would’ve been bored to tears and begging to go home, which would’ve totally cramped my style cuz I’m a dancer! Had great fun. This episode of clubbing should last me a couple of months. Not my thing as it once used to be.


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