Where the name comes from

Ever wonder why I call myself “ActionJoJo”?

In college, everyone called me “Jo” and my best friend called me “JoJo”. During our senior year, my friend Katie, who had just returned from a junior year abroad in Germany saw me and shouted out “JoJoAction!” Huh? She never called me that before. She explained it like this:
When I was in Germany, there was this hit song called “Jojo Action” by a group called Mr. President. Every time they played it, I thought of you! ::starts singing::
Listen JoJo Action
Gimme satisfaction
JoJo c’est la vie
Well, needless to say, she called me that ever since then. When I created this blog, I tried to use “jojoaction” but it was taken. So “ActionJoJo” was born!
And for a real treat, here’s the music video to the song!

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