Steamy Poll for Bikram Yogis

Here’s the link to the article on but I figured I would just paste it below to save you the click!

As for moi? Nope, never happend to me…even in camel. The best I’ve ever felt in camel is peace and contentment but never euphoria and certainly not arousal! How about you fellow Bikram yogis?

Jul 2nd 2009 By Erin Donnelly

Can Hot Yoga Make You Horny?

I’m in a darkened room with a couple dozen other people, all of us dripping in sweat, pushing our lithe (OK, mostly lithe) bodies to the limit and breathing heavily. The room grows dimmer, the heat grows more palpable, and as we flop down to the floor, a warm, euphoric rush courses through our bodies.

One word: Yogasm.

I can’t speak for everyone in myBikram yoga class — a 90-minute, 26-posture Hatha Yoga practice in which the room is heated to a minimum of 105 degrees — but let’s just say I don’t show up to class just to get frizzy hair and see how long I can balance on one foot before toppling into the person next to me.

Judging by the contented smiles and satisfied groans at the end of class, I can only assume I’m not the only one who finds that bending it like Bikram is pretty handy at hitting the G-spot.

Read how Erin flexed her sex life after the jump.

Certified Bikram yoga instructor Jessica Loera agrees. “It’s more than just the heat that our students are addicted to,” she confides.

Oh My God! According to, by warming and stretching the body, the exercises “systematically move fresh oxygenated blood to 100 percent of your body, to each organ [Editor’s note: ahem] and fiber.” When stretching and balancing (say, standing in a wide-open stance with your body twisted and your arms stretched to the ceiling), you build pressure and cut off blood supply. But when the pressure is released, it creates a “lock-gate effect,” and the blood comes rushing back.

Or, as Loera puts it, “It’s all in the circulation, baby!”

Though I’ve never actually had the big O in a yoga class, there’s definitely been some strong stirrings of arousal, usually when the sit-down exercises start towards the end of class.

Remember the rope in gym class? It’s like that. One well-positioned cobra pose and I’m ready to grab the six-pack-blessed guy to my left (or at least my guy as soon as I get home) and bring this baby to a climax.

Sexyasana If you’re not up to committing 90 minutes to a full class (it’s an intensive workout), you can crank up the heat at home and try a feel-sexy pose that Loera swears by: the camel pose (pictured, right).

Says Loera, “The camel pose is well known in the industry for inducing some very particular feelings that many students describe as ‘near-orgasmic.’ From the looks on the faces of some of my students, I’d say that’s a fair assessment. Imagine 300 Bikram yoga-teacher trainees collectively feigning climax during camel pose after nine weeks of intensive Bikram yoga training!”

We’re sold. Here’s how to pull it off.

Camel pose: -Stand up on your knees with 6 inches between your knees and feet. -Place hands on hips, thumbs on the outside, fingers pointing down. -Relax head all the way back and look at the floor behind you. -Inhale and lift chest up towards the ceiling; exhale and push hips all the way forward, then come back halfway. -Bring hands one at a time to the heels, thumbs outside, fingers inside (without dropping hips back). -Keep head relaxed and breathe in through the nose. Inhale chest up, exhale through the nose and push hips forward. Keep the eyes open and keep breathing.

So … was it good for you?

Tell Us: Have you ever come close to having the big O while exercising?


3 responses to “Steamy Poll for Bikram Yogis

  1. Hahahaha… oh geez.Somehow, I feel that Bikram would THOROUGHLY approve of this article. Any publicity is good publicity, and sex talk, no matter how ridiculous, sure does get people into the yoga room!

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