A fresh start, a new beginning

And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
– T.S. Eliot

Day 1

Happy New Year everyone!

I rolled out of bed 9:15am this morning, awoken by an alarm clock so that I could attend the only class offered by my nearby studio at 10am.  I slept at 2:30 this morning after a large meal of lots of noodles (pancit canton represented the Filipino variety and spaghetti for the Italian variety) for long life and round things (meatballs, brussel sprouts, mandarines, grapefruits, grapes, and pancakes — yes they are flat but circular so I guess they count) for prosperity.  This is a Filipino tradition to ring in the new year that my family has done as early as I can remember and if The Husband and I are in town, we do it at our home and have my mother over.

With an unsettled stomach and sleep dust still in my eyes, I walked to the studio along a desolate street.  Remnants from the night’s festivities remained — firecracker paper, broken plastic new year’s hats, trash.  “Please don’t let me be the only one in class,” I thought to myself as I looked around and saw no one.  Thankfully, I walked into the studio lobby and there was life.  Eight students were guided today by Caroline, a sweet teacher whose instructions were so clear that I all I could was completely entrust myself into her hands. 

My old knee injury decided to make its appearance at awkward pose, first set.  Halfway through the second part of awkward, I felt a sharp twinge and came out early and by the time we got to the third part, the most uncomfortable feeling in my knee (as if a huge air bubble was in there waiting to burst) admittedly scared me to go down no more than 3 inches.  I bit my lip, tried to let it go and tried to breath normally.  All I could do was stand there with my arms up and tight.  I wonder if it’s my mind or my body telling me to back off when I get that uncomfortable “air bubble” feeling.  It’s not sharp, acute pain but there is such immense pressure that my breath goes out of wack and that’s my cue to back off.  Any thoughts out there fellow yogis?

During our long savasana as we transitioned between the standing and floor series, Caroline said, “while the rest of Astoria sleeps through their hangovers, you are here doing yoga.”  I smiled.  I never did any kind of exercise on New Year’s Day and it felt great to start the day, to start the new year with an activity that focuses on me.  There are many traditions I do for the near year like the midnight dinner or wearing polka dots (remember circles represent prosperity!).  Perhaps doing yoga could be a new tradition I add to the list.


5 responses to “A fresh start, a new beginning

  1. I had to work through an old knee injury a year ago. The only thing I can tell you is trust that the yoga will fix it (it will) and it may take a long time (mine took 45 days straight of yoga during a 60 day challenge). Just keep listening to your body and back off when something feels wrong…just like you did today! 🙂

  2. Aw, Caroline! She was my "mat buddy" at advanced seminar last summer. I LOVE your picture. Very clever.

  3. Thanks M for the reassurance that I'm doing it right as well as your testimony to healing your own knee. It's one of my goals for this challenge.J, yes! Caroline was asked by Jim Kallet to teach full time at this studio. She was telling me yesterday that her commute from Brooklyn is over an hour on the subway! Egads. She did ask if I read your blog and then I told her the story. I also told her that she was on Charlie's blog. She had no idea until yesterday and was surprised to see her picture with Bikram in his post! It never ceases to amaze me how large yet small the Bikram community is.Btw, thanks to you both and theMissus for organizing us and leading us through this challenge. You gals are ROCKSTARS and we are all very grateful!!!

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