Food & Travel, My Other Loves

Day 5
Had to stay home again today although by the afternoon, I felt like a semi-human being even though my head was totally clogged.  All hopes of doing yoga in the evening were dashed since there was just no hope breathing through my nose.
Why is it that really long, hot showers always makes you feel better even when you mostly don’t?  The hot steam really loosened things up and I took the opportunity to clean out my nasal passages using my neti pot.  It definitely provided some relief. 
I watched alot of TV today, considering I rarely watch TV at all.  I zeroed in on one of my favorite channel  and watched my favorite cooks Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten (aka The Barefoot Contessa), and Tyler Florence whip up delectable dishes.  Now, if I could only have Giada’s kitchen with Ina’s garden, and Tyler cooking nightly for The Husband and I, well, that would be a dream come true!  Ok, fine.  I’ll settle for Giada’s kitchen and Ina’s garden.  And btw, how ADORABLE are the Neelys?  I interspersed some of the food episodes were some travel shows, particularly Globe Trekker.  It reminded me of how much I really love love to cook and how I would love to host my own travel show.
Heading back to work tomorrow and determined to get back to the sweat box.  With that, I leave you with one of the four Hong Kong video that I made last year for TripFilms, which focused on food.

2 responses to “Food & Travel, My Other Loves

  1. Love your blog JoJO! We want you to make some more great videos for! Let me know when you are traveling again!-Kelley

  2. sending wishes from Las Vegas that you recover and sweat it out in that hot room!

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