There’s No Place to Hide

Day 8 ONE

Yay yay yay YAY yogis and yoginis!  Today was the first day my body didn’t feel achy and out of sorts.  Despite the complete head congestion, I attended the 4:30pm class.

I was initally confused of the class time.  Originally, I thought class was at 4:00 pm and was geared up and ready to go when I realized I had another 30 minutes, I suddenly lost all my motivation.  I worked myself up all day because I had trouble breathing through my nose.  For ten minutes, I rationalized why I should skip class:  “I can’t breathe.  This must be a sign that I should push this off tomorrow.  I’ll do better if I go tomorrow anyway.  I don’t feel well.  I’m going to totally suck today”  I almost gave in but thought of The Missus’ advice from a few days ago.  My goal was to “just get to the studio” and it made me move my tush.  I parked myself in the back corner of the room, which also happened to be next to the heating vent (mental note to self:  this is the hottest part of the room – love it!).  I planned to take it easy especially if hot wind was going to blowing on my body!  “There’s now way this class is gonna be easy.  I can’t breathe!  And breath is key!  I’m gonna have to sit some postures out, for sure,” I thought to myself.

Caroline came in and introduced myself and identified all the students in the class.  When she finished, she looked straight at me and said, “JoJo, I know you are recovering from being sick but would you mind coming to the front row?  You’ve got a regular practice and it would be good for other students to see what’s going on.  If you need to take it easy and sit down, you go ahead.  It’s good for them to learn that that’s okay too.”

Well, so much for taking it easy!  There’s something about being in the front row that makes me feel a responsibility to my fellow classmates.  I’m a huge believer of leading by example and being in the front row means you are the example.  It certainly keeps me honest:  I’m more focused, less likely to fidget, fix my hair/costume, wipe sweat off my face.  I remember when I first started bikram and when I got lost, I looked to the front row and was inspired by their focus, their poses, and their peace that was stolen by no one.  I was always inspired by them and I hope the beginners today took that from me today.  In return, I received their energy and determination.  As a result, I had a great class!  I did both sets of every posture although I stumbled off to the left as I pushed my hips to the left and bent to the right in the warm up for half moon.  I had to laugh.  I wasn’t used to moving in 8 days!  

The congestion I felt these last three days (and for that matter, any other time I’ve felt congestion due to seasonal allergies), pranayama breathing cleared it right up.  It must be the powerful inhalation and exhalation.  Whatever the reason, my nasal passages always clear or at least loosens things up so that I could clear my nose.  It felt SO AWESOME to finally move and stretch my muscles.  My body opened up and said, “aaaaahhhhh.”  It was so nice.  I was sweat soaked by the end of pranayama.  It was a juicy class indeed!  Every pose that required a locked knee, I felt and saw in the mirror the muscle just above my right knee (the old injury) twitching every time I came out of the pose and let it go slack.  My muscle hadn’t done that since I started my bikram practice.  It was a reminder to keep that knee locked since the muscle must’ve weakened in the last week.  It was also great to just let my mind rest.  For 90 minutes, I wasn’t living in my head.  It was such a relief!!!!!  I walked home with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.  I arrived home and when The Husband greeted me, he instantly recognized a different person.  “It’s the old you,” he exclaimed.  I was so happy!  I still am!!!

So here’s a poll for you yogis and yoginis.  I’m not sure what I should do.  My intention for this challenge was to make this yoga my priority and truly go 101 days straight and only do a double if absolutely necessary.  With 7 missed classes, I could catch up with doubles so that I could finish with you all but only go a little over 90 days straight instead of 101.  The other option would be to reset my clock and treat today as day 1 of my challenge.  I suppose the final option would be a compromise and do 3 doubles and push back my end-date by four days.  What to do?  My teacher Caroline said that I should push my end-date back to April 19.  “Don’t kill yourself.  That’s not the point,” she said.  I don’t know.  I’m curious to hear what you all think.  Please leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you!!!


8 responses to “There’s No Place to Hide

  1. I think that today was your DAY ONE! Definitely! The point is to do a bunch of consecutive days of yoga, NOT to punish yourself for unfortunately getting sick! xoxo

  2. Day One, And what a great class you started your challenge with!

  3. I would definitely struggle with that same dilemma if it was me. But I think you should consider today day one, do the 101 days. Remember it's the consistent practice not the number of classes that's most important.Plus if you're lucky I'm sure some of the other 101'ers will follow through to your new end date just to keep you from feeling left out.

  4. Thanks everyone! You all echoed what I believed to be the answer in my heart: reset the clock.J, always so awesome to get your feedback and your encouragement! I can't wait to visit SB and take a class you are teaching!!!aHappyYogi & Johan, thanks for stopping by. I very much enjoy reading your blogs too. I am happy we can hold each other up during this challenge!

  5. Of course, babe! And check this out – now the last class of your challenge will overlap with my first class of teacher training. 🙂

  6. yay! so glad you are feeling better! I think you should just use that as your 'day one'. No sense killing yourself with doubles!

  7. Yay J!!! That's so awesome! You'll be at teacher training when I finish. I love it!!! Hi M! Thanks so much for all your encouragement esp when I was sick all week. 🙂

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