Hooray, I’m in the double digits of this challenge and I echo ahappyyogi’s recent sentiment about 9 more batches of 10 classes and the challenge will be complete!  I am celebrating!

I’ve been feeling a little down lately and so I decided to cheer myself up by getting a manicure and a pedicure.  When you get a pedicure at Pema Nails, they do a salt scrub for your legs (up to your knees), pumice (or use a blade if you prefer) your feet, massage in lotion for your legs, and finish the process with a hotel towel on your legs.  It’s lovely especially since the ladies here don’t rush you and my legs have been massaged for a good 10 minutes sometimes.  I guess there are benefits to being a regular customer.  Btw, did I mention a manicure and a pedicure is $17!!!!  I love living in NYC.  ๐Ÿ™‚

That was at noon.  I had to really drag my a$$ to bikram today.  I just didn’t have the desire and that’s when the doubts came rushing in.   

You’re only at day 9 and you feel totally unmotivated.  
You’re never going to complete this challenge.  
You?  Do bikram every day for the next 92 days?  
These last few days have felt like forever.  There’s no way you are going to do 92 straight more days.

I tried to push these doubts away and said to myself, “Just get to the hot room.  Just get to the hot room.”  Several minutes before I left the house, I remembered to wash the lotion off my legs from my pedicure and arms from my manicure or else suffer a supper slippery class especially at standing bow pulling pose.  You know you do bikram when…

I took the 4:30pm with Caroline at my neighborhood studio and set my mat up to the left side of the room, next to a pillar.  Today, I just needed a little separation from most of the students and this sport was perfect.  It also happened that I was standing in front of an exit door and by the time we got to the floor series, I felt the draft on my face seeping in from underneath the door.  It was nice in the beginning but after a while, I wished it wasn’t there, which must mean I am feeling closer to regaining 100% of my health (I usually like it juicy!!!).  Didn’t cough as much and didn’t need to blow my nose during class — all good signs that I am on the mend.

I am feeling a soreness in my right quad and there is a pinch that I feel in my lower back, on the right side that I just noticed today.  The pinch became more acute during backbends.  I have also noticed that every time I take a class with Caroline and we are in cobra pose, she always calls me out to lift my chest and go higher.  And every time I try, I feel an incredible stretching in the front of my neck to the point that it is uncomfortable.  And the pinch in my lower back today did not help my cobra.  I wonder.  Have I just been hanging out in cobra?!?!???!!!!  I didn’t think so but maybe I was wrong.

I am making great improvements in awkward, toe stand right side, and fixed firm thanks to the healing I feel in my right knee.  My sit ups are stronger and I am working on trying to keep my chin to my chest, my arms by my ears, and get my elbows to the floor when we exhale twice.  And slowly but surely, I feel my upper back opening up in rabbit.  I struggle with all the compression postures, never being able to get my forehead exactly to my knee thanks to my long torso.  I am really working on keeping my chin to my chest and sucking sucking sucking in the belly.  Oh, the joys of a super flat upper back!

Today, as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, I always take a moment to remember those who work for social justice especially for the vast majority of people who don’t make it to the news but are recognized by the people who benefit from their tireless commitment.  I especially remember the people of Haiti and the relief workers who are trying to help all those who are suffering in the country.  I remember our practice and how we learn compassion for ourselves and in turn, we learn compassion for others.  We take the energy we get in that hot room and we spread it to those around us, making our lives and the lives of others just a little better.


5 responses to “Pampering

  1. You know that you can use a little pressure in your hands to come up in cobra, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hurray! Double didgets! What a nice treat to get that leg and feet massage! Real luxury! Your worth it.

  3. Congratulations on staying with it. I agree some days it's tough to get to class, but so far I haven't regretted it a single time.For cobra, the posture is not about the neck. Relax it slightly by softening your eyes, your eyes will lead (upwards) but they need to lead softly (if that makes sense). Once you've relaxed the neck focus on the chest, your heart should be leading (forward and up) that is were the stretch comes from. Sounds like that is what your teacher is calling you on.

  4. I like that…9 more batches of 10! I needed to hear that today! Mani/Pedi….best way to pamper yourself during a challenge! Feet get beat up going to yoga everyday. Congrats on 10 days!

  5. J & Johan, I will try all the things you both recommend and let you know. I totally understand what you are saying about relaxing the eyes, relaxing the neck. I think I've just been coming up and then skipping the last bit of stretch by really focusing on the heart leading.@aHappyYogi & BYC — hooray hooray indeed!

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