7am with Alicia and stood next to The Husband.  I think this is the last time I’ll be standing next to him for a while!  He went to see a foot doctor for pain in the top of his left foot and the podiatrist said that he may have a strained ligament and to take it easy.  As a result, he’s had trouble balancing on his left foot and decided today to back off on those poses. 

That’s all fine and good but when he took breaks from some of the poses, he decided to turn his head and look at me while I’m balancing.  It’s really hard to focus when your husband is just hanging out and staring at you!  I did fine in standing head to knee but I got totally distracted as I looked in the mirror for standing bow and all I could see was the profile of his face.  Uhhh…hello!!!  Face the mirror, look at yourself, don’t look at me!  With no focus, I couldn’t set up for standing bow with a straight face and much less stay in it.  As we set up for full locust, his arm was under mine and when we lifted off in the second set, I felt his hand half nudging, half tickling me underneath my bicep/tricep.  I started laughing and had to come out early.  Crazy man!  Stop distracting me!!!!

Felt solid today although can I take a moment to sound like an old person for a minute and complain about my aches and pains?!  My left knee has been sore sore sore all day from class and omigosh!  The front of my left shoulder – ouch!  This morning, every time I crossed my arms across my face to pull a shirt over my head I felt a dull pain sensation.  I think I opened it up during last night’s eagle as I tried to pull my shoulders/arms down, attempting to get my fingertips below my nose.  Doing today’s eagle was not fun and Alicia saw me grimace and said, “Hello shoulder Johanna!” but after class, the shoulder is all better.  The pinch in my right lower back is getting better too.


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