A Whole New Person

A must see!


I went out to a pub last night with some colleagues for drinks.  Had two glasses of wine and food that I don’t normally have:  nachos with cheese and ground beef, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, and fried calamari.  I was coughing in the pub and by the time I got home at 10:30, I felt like I was hacking away like I did pre-antibiotics.  I had a hard time getting to sleep.

Dreaded the alarm this morning because I had to get to 7am yoga with Alicia because of our South Pacific tickets tonight.  If I missed it, no yoga today.  I felt awful.  It was as if the antibiotics never took effect and I regretted everything I did last night – the drinking, the eating crap, and the staying out late!  10:30 = late.  Ha!

Set myself up at the back of the room again and I just did not want to be in class.  At the top of the inhale in pranayama, to take in that last sip of air, was hard.  Exhaling made me want to cough.  I took it easy getting into half moon but my breath took me where I needed to go.  And then came awkward.  Oh awkward.  Second part, I couldn’t balance on my toes much less sit down.  And then third part, by the time I got half way down – ouch!  Hello right knee!  I had to stand up.  Second set, I couldn’t go down without putting my hands on the floor and keeping them there.  It took every effort to pitch my knees forward and down and there it was:  the air bubble/incredible uncomfortable stretching in the back of my right knee.  I got up with my hands on the floor.  And then my right knee decided to spasm.  I just couldn’t straighten my right leg, much less lock my right knee.  I kept massaging the back of my right knee to help it relax.  “Ok knee.  I’m just going to wait till you decide you want to chill out,” I said to myself.  I balanced only on the left leg today and kept my right knee bent, never kicking out because I knew I couldn’t lock it.  I just stood there while everyone balanced on the right leg.  I felt like a fool.  With downcast eyes and heavy breathing, Alicia reminded me to look up and keep my head up.  By standing bow, the right knee relaxed and for the rest of class it was okay.  I managed to do my best in toe stand right side.  In fixed firm, I asked my knees for forgiveness and for them to relax while I breathed.  It seemed like my knee moved on from the episode even though my mind was still stuck in the past, trying to figure out why it happened.  In final savasana, I fell asleep…for at least 20 minutes!  I woke up when Alicia came back in the room to turn on the heaters for the 9:30 class.  I know she does this at 9am, like clock work.  When I woke up, I felt like a whole new person, totally rejuvenated.

Some minor adjustments I noticed these last few classes:  I need to tuck my pelvis in/under so that I’m not leaning forward so much in the 2nd part of awkward.  In triangle, I notice when the teacher says right hip (when we are bending the left leg) / left hip (when bending the right leg) forward, I find that I am rotating my hips easier.  Finally, in head to knee pose, I can get my forehead to my knee on the left side with a little bit of a bend but on the right side, I can’t do it no matter how much I bend my knee.  My right knee always ends up on the bridge of my nose.  I can’t blame it on the long torso anymore.  Is there some other issue?  A tight right side?  Tight hamstrings?  A right leg slightly longer than the left leg?  I don’t know!  Any thoughts?

As I walked out, I explained to Alicia what happened.  She said that stuff like this will definitely come up in the challenge.  Injury teaches me humility and reminds me to be grateful.  I should also take a lesson from my knee.  After the spasm, it moved on acting as if it never happened.  I wish I could say the same for my mind.


4 responses to “A Whole New Person

  1. Ah, the mind, dwelling on things no longer relevant – mine does that ALL the time. 🙂 Best thing tho', you realized it and can take the body's lead now that you are aware.

  2. It's so funny how the night before affects us the morning after, don't you think?? I love to practice in the early a.m. classes, but only if I'm able to get to bed early and have a good, healthy dinner. At least you showed up, though, regardless of how you felt!

  3. I'm so impressed that you pushed through after a late night, some "different" food choices and a knee injury! Good for you! As a person who has had to work through knee injuries on both knees my heart goes out to you!

  4. Well done for getting into the studio and through the practice. As for the standing head to knee I would say just try to forget about it. If you stop worrying about it and just relax into the posture I'm sure your body will find it's own solution. Easier said than done I know.

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