I accompanied my mom all day to a wedding of her former colleague and then the reception, which lasted until 11:30pm.  By the time I dropped her off and returned the rental car, I got home at past midnight.  I woke up this morning feeling so tired and kinda crappy because of the food I ate at the reception.  I am pretty specific about what I eat (no wheat, no cow dairy, very little processed sugar from my bygone days of seeing The Healer) and how much I eat so that when I deviate from my routine, my body really feels the difference.

I forced myself to get to 10am yoga at my neighborhood studio.  It was taught by Corina and even in the two or three weeks I had her from the last time, she’s grown in her teaching.  I took a different spot in the room and got in the second room with an unobstructed view of the mirror.  I got corrections today with standing bow pulling pose, the third part of head to knee pose, and standing separate leg stretching and a lovely compliment on triangle.

It was a strong class today, made only stronger by my commitment to really getting my forehead to my knee in standing separate head to knee and especially in head to knee pose, no matter how much I bend my knee.  Again, I see that putting my forehead to knee is far far easier on the left side.  The right side.  It almost doesn’t happen.  In head to knee pose, I again put my heel on the floor almost close to my right glute because my leg was completely bent, flexed my toes back and really tried to put my forhead to my knee with 10 fingers grasped below my toes.  It was such a struggle…I felt stretching in my back and I could barely keep my breathing normal as I try try try to get my forehead to the knee.  It barely touched and I couldn’t hold it.  I couldn’t even keep the bikram grip underneath my feet!  Oh, I felt like a beginner.  This pose will teach me humility indeed!  I showed my dilemma to The Husband when I got home and he observed that I can bend forward to touch my knee to my forhead on the left side but on the right side, he noticed that I don’t bend forward but rather I keep trying to tuck my chin in.  I tried it again and yes, I noticed that I can’t seem to roll forward on the right side.  Oh the painful stretching in my back! 

This is all good stuff.  Patience and surrender and breath is all I need.  I will keep trying.


2 responses to “Integrity

  1. Patience and surrender and breath…I like that! I will bring those three things with me tonight.

  2. Hi M! Yes, that's all we need, isn't it?

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