Even if You’re Covered In Lotion

Me in my colorful Incan hat!  
Too bad you can’t see the little balls attached on a string to the bottom of the ear flaps.
I had no idea the camera timer would take 3 consecutive pictures 
so this is the 2nd one of me talking to The Husband after I thought the camera was done.
The frigid chill has returned to NYC.  It is 16 degrees outside; with the wind chill, it feels like 1.  That’s cold yo!  It was one of those days where thermal underwear is your friend.  And I am especially grateful for Bikram!
5:30 with Kara.  Every time Kara said “lift your chest”, I imagined myself with a harness strapped around my torso as George said.  Kara said it in pranayama as we exhaled and I lifted my chest and brought my elbows to touch, I heard her say, “Beautiful ActionJoJo.”  It felt so natural and easy and fluid.  Today felt like the deepest backward bend I ever did in half moon.  I lifted my chest and managed to pull my arms further back along the wall and down towards the carpet as I pushed my hips forward.  And in camel.  Yeah, it was a fantastic two sets of camel with my chest lifted.
I found myself slipping in triangle.  At my studio, we go to the top of our mats and then make a quarter turn to the right when we’re done with the balancing series.  We do this because there is just no room for all of us to step to the left side of our mats.  If we did that, we would be on another person’s mat.  We practice inches apart from each other here at my regular studio.  Anyway, the towel on my mat had shrunken and when I stepped out there I was on my slippery mat.  Good times.  I’ve heard some of my teachers say that I should be able to do bikram even if I’m covered in lotion…so slippery mat, no problem! In toe stand right side, I am starting to be able to get myself upright with my left foot in the crease of my hip, firmly placed there.
My bikram stigmatas were killing me today.  I noticed them especially in camel as I knelt down.  The ones on the tops of my feet are especially painful in fixed firm.  Finally, I took the care to swivel carefully on my behind because I do not want any more butt burn!

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